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Roller Coaster Of Emotions – 3 Ways To Break Free

By April 7, 2021April 19th, 2021Emotional Resilience
roller coaster of emotions

Giving Yourself Permission To Feel The Ups & Downs

This year has not been easy for any of us. In fact, you may feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions. And the holiday season, in spite of all its magic, seems to add a lot of stress on top of all we have been already going through.

As a result, you may feel like you are being constantly hijacked for crazy adrenaline rides by frustration, anxiety or anger. Or, just the opposite, you may feel as if you’re submerged in honey. Every movement is an effort, there is no motivation and feel totally overwhelmed.

Whichever of these scenarios is playing out in your life right now, there is just one, brilliantly simple thing, you need to do to feel much better. (And I’m not talking a temporary relief but a long-term, sustainable solution).

And this one thing is: Stop Resisting! Stop fighting!

And instead, jump off the roller coaster ride of emotions & give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings whatever they are.

Big or small. Subtle or intense. Nice or not-so-nice.

emotional rollercoaster psychology

Roller Coaster Of Emotions – Why You Need To Give Up Fighting To Win

This might seem like a no-brainer. We all know that all that struggling and resisting does is to adds another layer of suffering.

Unfortunately, we often learned quite early in life that feeling our feelings wasn’t safe and would not get us all the love and approval that we desperately needed. And we were right, at the time.

But… that was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

If you want to start doing things differently, so that you can stay in charge of your emotions, you need to stop doing these 3 things:

1.Stop dismissing your feelings as invalid and not important. Stop behaving as if they don’t matter at all or at least not as much as other people’s feelings. THEY DO MATTER. A lot.

2.Stop avoiding or running away from your feelings as if they were more powerful than you and thus dangerous. This is never true. You are in charge here. Always.

3.Stop guilt-tripping yourself and beating yourself up for feeling the way you feel. You are not responsible for your feelings. You are only responsible for the way you handle them.

And instead, give yourself permission to feel the way you’re feeling!

emotional roller coaster

Getting Help With The Roller Coaster Of Emotions

I teach my clients plenty of powerful tools and techniques to help them start feeling more comfortable and at ease with all of their emotions. But for today you may start in the simplest way possible. Put your hand on your heart (this in itself releases oxytocin which calms your whole nervous system), take a deep breath in and a long breath out, and say to yourself:

‘It’s ok. It’s ok to feel what I feel. There is enough space for all of my feelings. I can handle this.”

And if you are tired of your emotions taking the best of you, I have recorded a special mini-training for you that will allow you to soothe and regulate your emotions within minutes! You can watch it here: 3 STEP FORMULA TO SOOTH AND REGULATE YOUR EMOTIONS AT TIMES OF EMOTIONAL OVERWHELM.

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