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Kasia is a women's holistic counsellor, coach and acclaimed blog writer.

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Kasia Kolek

Msc, MA, PGD
psychologist, counsellor, coach

Kasia is a women’s holistic coach & counsellor and an acclaimed blog writer.

She is a lover of all things hand-made, mama of
2 adults & a teenager and a true believer in the transformative power of self-love.

She helps sensitive, warm-hearted and empathetic women in their 40s and 50s build their emotional strength, self-confidence and authenticity so that they can fall back in love with themselves and create life and relationships they love and feel proud of.

Kasia has been the founder of the
SPARKUP Method which connects cutting edge discoveries in psychology and neuroscience with the transformative power of breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.

Her biggest passion is to help women reconnect to their deep inner source of power, peace and joy so that they can rise up and live a fulfilled, wholehearted life.

Why I do what I do and feel so passionate about it!

I grew up in Poland. My grandparents were World War II survivors and my parents survived the communist occupation after the war.

When I was small, life was governed by one word only – survival.

I didn’t even know words like ‘self-care’ or ‘self-love’ existed when I was a child. So, when I grew up I made my own life about survival, too.

For years I suffered with severe anxiety and I created (totally unintentionally) plenty of emotional drama, health drama, relationship drama, financial drama … all kinds of drama you can think of.

This cycle of drama and trauma continued for a long time until I was completely burnt out and physically sick.

I was desperate. I knew I couldn’t go on like that much longer. Managing all the intense emotions that were ruining my life and my relationships was beyond me. I had to do something. It was a matter of life or death. Literally.

I spent years in the classrooms and lecture halls. I attended courses, workshops and trainings. I worked hard with the amazing therapists and coaches I met on my way. But yet something was still missing

Then, one day during a session with my breathwork coach as I was laying on my mat doing connected breathing exercises, she reached down, gently placed her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear…

‘You are the most important person in your life’

That sentence was surprisingly simple, yet powerful beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I AM the most important person in my life!

I am no longer that little girl on a cold snowy day whose own needs fall second to everything else. I deserve to be happy and taken care of. And I am the only person who can do that for me. I am the most important person in my life.

To do this I needed SELF-LOVE. To learn how to accept, appreciate and love myself. To put myself first.

And the moment I fell back in love with who I truly was, with all my perfect imperfections, all other things started to fall back in place without much effort on my part: my physical health, my energy levels, my relationships, my career, my sense of purpose and meaning and my zest for life.

Self-love changes everything. The way you relate to yourself, the way you interact with people you love (and those you’re not so fond of) and the way you live your life.

It is the most beautiful and rewarding journey a person can take. And it is my dream and my passion to help as many women as possible to take this journey for themselves, too!

Because all you have ever wanted from life starts with self-love. Always.

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