I have worked with Kasia on a one to one basis and with her help and guidance it has honestly changed my life. I know that sounds corny and probably to some unrealistic, but it’s very much the case. With her support, I’ve gone from a life time of self doubt, through loving my inner child in 2017 to becoming an independent, confidence 58 year old woman, with the world at my feet in 2021. I can’t recommend her enough.

Aoife L.

Working with Kasia has made me realise how hard I am on myself and how complicated I make life in relation my thoughts, how I live my life and how I react to others who are in themselves stressed, angry or have no boundaries. Self-care is a choice that I now make in order to be kinder, loving and more compassionate with me. My breath is very important to ground me and bring me closer in looking after my own needs. Just by talking to Kasia I feel supported, loved and challenged to be kind to myself. Understanding and acting on the many tools Kasia has thought me has meant I feel my heart and mind softing towards myself and others in my life.

Jen Armstrong
Personal Mentor, Build your dreams

It felt mind-blowing at first…. Seriously? Can I love myself for no reason at all? Just the way I am? Give myself a break? Can I really put my needs first? But I was so tired of things not working out in my life that I decided to give it a try. I was surprised to discover how easy it was to make the change. I loved simple daily practices, short and totally do-able, and how they led me step by step towards a deep transformation. The skills and tools I learnt in this course are a normal part of my life now. They have resulted in small new habits and big lifestyle changes . But first of all, they gave me my power back . No longer stuck in the victim role, I can enjoy my life again. For this, I will always be grateful!

Emma Green
Founder of VA Power

When I first came across this course I felt like my whole life was falling apart. I was very skeptical at first. I’ve tried so many other things and nothing worked. But I felt intrigued by the idea that I could fall in love with myself, even if I doubted it was possible. Soon, my whole attention was engrossed by the course! I started to see results almost immediately. I enjoyed doing the practices and I loved the self-reflection pages. So, I applied myself fully. And very soon, things started to shift BIG TIME! This course transformed my whole life and put me on an amazing, joyful personal journey. Investing my time and money in it was one of the best decisions in my life!

Chris B.
Social Media Guru

Having worked with KAsia before I can say that it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. It was a turning point for me, Thanks!

Tara B.
Founder of Enjoy Your Life

This course has been a true game-changer for me! Words that come to mind are: liberating, insightful, encouraging, empowering… In a nutshell, it set me for a journey back to myself – reconnecting me to who I truly am and allowing me to start appreciating myself again – my body, mind and heart. The first time I did it, it felt like ‘homecoming’. Since then, I have worked through the modules a few times, each time discovering something new about myself and my life. I know I will be coming back to them over and over again, whenever life throws me out of balance. I’m so grateful I’ve found it!

Mary B.

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