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How to build self-confidence with amazing power of breath.

By October 4, 2021June 18th, 2023Emotional Resilience


Although we seem to be bombarded with advice on how to build self-confidence, you may find it really hard to find a method that feels ‘doable’, doesn’t require following complex instructions and works for your personality and system of values.

My whole heart is against ‘one fits all’ solutions and I know how important it always is to find individual, tailor-made practices and tools to help us live our lives better.

But… there is one exception here. And I’m sure you have already guessed what I’m talking about!

Your breath.

Do you pay attention to it? Do you use it consciously? If not… you are missing out on the biggest and easiest way to not only build your self-confidence but also live a healthy and happy life.

So, let me share with you how powerful your breath is and how you can start using it consciously to boost your physical health and emotional resilience. This will also be the quickest and most effective way to build rock-solid self-confidence and … to fall back in love with YOU and your life.

Show me how you breathe and I will tell you how you live

Taking a breath was the first thing you did when you came into the world and will be the last thing you do before you die. 

No matter what is going on with you or around you, as long as you live you take inhales and exhales. And your life happens in between these inhales and exhales

It is in between your inhale and exhale that you make conscious and less conscious decisions – what to eat, what to wear, when to cross the street, whether to brush your teeth, smile at a stranger or yell at your kid. Many of these decisions happen automatically without you paying much attention. Some of them are so deeply rooted and so automatic that you find it difficult to change them even if you try very hard.

And then, you take a lot of inhales and exhales before making major life decisions. Before changing your job, moving your house, starting or leaving a relationship. 

The way you breathe, the way you take your in-breaths and out-breaths impacts the decisions you make.  Big time.

Your breaths impact not only your self-confidence but your whole life.

Maybe you have already noticed that when you are stressed or anxious your breath becomes quick, shallow and quite restricted. You might feel it is caught up in your chest. It may feel like you can’t take a full breath in – which can be very uncomfortable at times. 

And probably you have also noticed how good it feels to take a long sigh of relief. Or, how pleasant, easy and flowing your breath is when you feel relaxed and at peace. How your breath gets deeper and your chest opens when you’re watching a beautiful sunset for example.

Your breath impacts your whole life. Your physical health, your mood, your emotions, the actions you take and the choices you make.  How you interact with yourself and with others, how connected you feel with the world around you

Conscious breathing gives you the sense of being deeply and safely connected – with yourself, with others with the world in general -and this is the basis for true and authentic self-confidence.

If you want to feel truly confident in yourself, if you want to feel good in your own skin, if you want the freedom and joy of being unapologetically you – you need to start to build your self-confidence from the inside out.

Conscious breathing is the easiest and most effective way of building a loving and supportive relationship with YOU. This relationship always determines how worthy, confident and empowered you feel in your life.

How brethwork helped me build my own self-confidence and authenticity

For me personally, the transformative power of breath was a lived experience. And since I made it an essential part of my own life, I have had the privilege of watching how it changed the lives of so many of my clients, too.

My own experience with breath started at a time when life was extremely tough for me. My family was going through a huge financial loss. We lost everything, had to sell the house and move to a different town. Our kids were still small and it was heartbreaking to see how this situation impacted them. And, of course, it all was taking a huge toll on my marriage as well. 

To say that I was stressed would be a huge understatement. I was devastated with grief, terribly anxious, totally stuck in helplessness and to be honest, deeply ashamed of not being about to fix things for myself and my family.

So, when one of my friends told me about breathwork and about Rani Spets Edgren (who was soon to become my beloved mentor and friend) I jumped into her Diploma Course, without thinking twice and without knowing anything about breath. I was desperate to do whatever it took to rebuild my self-confidence and hope for better times to come.

I was able to start that course only thanks to the unbelievable kindness and generosity of Rani as I couldn’t even afford to pay the full fee at the time.

The first training weeks I spent crying on the mat. I probably cried more than I breathed. And it felt like I would never be able to stop. 

But … then things started to shift. First on the mat, soon after – inside me, and finally in my life.

Conscious breathing allowed me to rebuild my life from scratch

After the first weeks, I started to eat and sleep again. After the first months, I was able to break free from the helplessness and start rebuilding our life again from scratch.

But that wasn’t the end. Soon afterwards, I started to feel more at peace with myself, with others and finally with all that had happened in my life.

For the first time -the drama was gone. I no longer created it and I stopped participating in it when others created it around me. This put a stop to all-night-long, draining and exhausting monologues in my own head. It also put a stop to all-night-long, exhausting and draining arguments with my husband. That was huge.

But the biggest and most powerful change that happened for me was that breathwork allowed me to build my self-confidence and authenticity. In a way that had never seemed possible for me.

I didn’t notice as it was growing in me. But then one day, on a sunny morning, drinking my morning coffee I suddenly realized that … I can breathe through anything.

Me, suffering from anxiety for the majority of my life, always second-guessing myself, always playing small or even trying to be invisible. Right there and then, on that sunny morning,

I ‘suddenly’ felt strong, at peace with myself and my life, and confident, that no matter what happens next I will be able to breathe through it and … I will be OK.  

How conscious breathing has helped my clients to build their self-confidence and authenticity

The good news is it works for real people, just like you. Let me share with you what some of my clients said after practising conscious breathing for a period of time:


“Working with breath completely transformed my relationships. Before I had struggled to show up in my relationships and was always hiding and playing small.
I was always second-guessing myself by thinking ‘did I say the right thing?’, ‘did I do the right thing?’ or ‘did I act in the right way?’  My self-confidence was really low and I always felt I need to put other people’s needs and wants before my own.
Breath allowed me to get in touch with my feelings and emotions and once I learnt how to breathe with them my interactions with others changed completely. I no longer felt awkward and uncertain but started to feel confident and authentic. 
Breath made it  possible for me to create fulfilling and  loving  relationships in my life.” Jane


“No more sleeping pills for me. Since I started practicing breathwork I have been finally able not only to fall asleep without the infurinting chatter of thoughts in my head, but I also sleeping through the whole night’  Anna


“Practicing conscious breath allowed me to get to know myself much better. Although on the outside my life seemed great, I had the feeling that something was missing and that my life was slowly being squeezed out of my soul. Thanks to practicing conscious breath I was able to reconnect to myself, to my essence and to my core. This allowed me to find my deep inner compassion and power and to understand myself and others much better. It brought me to a place of acceptance and gratitude for my life and gentle and joyous love for myself.” Ola

What conscious breath can do for you

Conscious breath can do plenty of amazing things for you.

It can help you:

  • Manage your energy levels. If your energy levels are low, and you feel tired and exhausted -conscious breath practice energises and lifts you up. But if you feel agitated and restless – you can use it to calm your nervous system down and find deep inner peace and serenity.
  • Lower your stress levels and help you cope with challenges in a much better way. Your breath has huge impact on your whole nervous system. Once you know how to use it, it allows you to get out of a fight, flight or freeze response within minutes. And just a reminder – research shows that 90-95 % of all illness and disease is stress related. Just imagine how beneficial it can be for your digestive system, cardiovascular system, hormonal systems or immune system – just to name a few. 
  • Heal from past trauma. Conscious breath helps you let go of the baggage of the past that you have been carrying often for years. It opens your heart to forgiveness (both to others and yourself). It heals regrets and shame about past choices and decisions and allows you to feel so much lighter and freer in here and now. 
  • Regain charge of your emotions.This is a life changing skill in itself! (read more here) Conscious breathing is used more and more often by psychotherapists as a necessary tool to help clients overcome anxiety and depression. It can also put an end to emotional rollercoasters, overwhelm and drama that have been running you into trouble for so long. Once the emotions are no longer running your life – you are in charge of your life again! 
  • Reclaim your freedom of choice and break free form victim mentality. We often seem to live like in a trans and keep repeating automatic patterns that  keep us struggling and unhappy. Once you start practicing conscious breathing, this is no longer the case. Your learn to take a breath. You learn to take a pause. And in that pause you find freedom to  make a better choice. Compulsive eating, drinking, scrolling, withdrawing or acting out – become a thing of the past.
  • Breath is the bridge between your body and your soul. It opens doors to the most amazing spiritual connection and brings you the sense of peace and belonging. 

Build true and authentic self-confidence with the power of breath

One of the most amazing things about your breath is that Once you reconnect to it, you reconnect to your deep inner resources as well. 

To your deep inner peace, wisdom, power and joy. It has happened for me, it has happened for so many of my clients. And … it can happen for you.

Only then, you are able to build this rock-solid self-confidence that comes from deep within. Self-Confidence, that does not depend on outside approval, on what you have achieved in life, what you have, where you live and who you are surrounded with. But the one that is unconditional and deeply ingrained in who you truly are. And this is priceless.

Are you ready to have a glimpse into what is possible for you?

Get my Self-Love Relaxation Bundle, fall in love with conscious breath and start to build your self-confidence today!


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