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Emotionally Repressed? Here’s The Cost Of Ignoring Your Feelings

By April 6, 2021April 19th, 2021Emotional Resilience
emotionally repressed

3 Deadly Consequences Of Living In A State Of Emotional Detachment

Have you noticed how we often don’t pay attention to how we really feel and happily engage in thought processes that continue to keep us emotionally repressed?

How we dismiss our feelings as not important or valid (or at least not as important or valid as other people’s feelings)?

We have a whole range of our favourite ways to distract ourselves.

Like, ‘I’m just too busy right now, I’ll think about it later’ (which of course, never happens!)

Or, we try to talk ourselves out of uncomfortable emotions — our mind has plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t feel the way we do. At least it does when you are someone who doesn’t feel ready to “go there”.

Very often we simply feel guilty for feeling a certain way. And since guilt is a very uncomfortable feeling we try to distract ourselves with whatever we can (chocolate, wine – anything that numbs out the emotion and brings in another!)

If you are resonating with any of the above you are definitely not alone.

Emotionally Repressed & The Price Your Body And Mind Pay For It

Ignoring emotions might seem like an easier (and much more comfortable) choice in the moment, but long term we pay a huge price for these seemingly small choices.

  1. EMOTIONAL OVERWHELM. At some point, it just gets too much for your system to contain. Your feelings become so intense that you no longer can ignore them. Anxiety, does not let you sleep at night. Sadness makes it difficult for you to focus on your work or even get out of bed. Anger that makes you yell at people you love most (at strangers sometimes, too 🙂
repressed emotions
  1. PHYSICAL HEALTH. Suppressing your emotions leads to developing serious health conditions. Just look at all of your hormone-related symptoms. The increased stress from eating sugary foods and literally swallowing anger, hurt, and resentment which cause cortisol levels to increase and your hormones to spike.
  1. DISCONNECTION. This is the one we seldom think about. It feels subtle and not as life-threatening as the two previous ones. But for me, it’s the biggest, most destructive and detrimental consequence, that deeply impacts our happiness, vitality, joy of life and our relationships.
repressing emotions

The Impact Of Staying Emotionally Repressed

If we don’t listen to ourselves, if we don’t give ourselves the right to feel how we feel, if we notoriously keep ignoring what our heart is telling us, we lose the connection with ourselves.

And then … life becomes very confusing. We still go through the motions, right?

But it’s more like life happens to us, than us fully living it.

It’s so difficult to make decisions, even simple, everyday ones.

It’s so difficult to create healthy relationships.

To stand up for ourselves when we need to.

To enjoy small things and to trust in good things to come.

And this vague EMPTINESS inside that we desperately try to fill in with food, alcohol, shopping, social media (add your own…) To no avail of course.

Living ‘Emotionally’ & Staying Healthy And Well

how to stop being emotionally repressed

There is an easy solution!

It requires a bit of commitment and practice, but it is simple!

Just start to pay attention to what is really going on with you. Acknowledge and validate your experience. Give yourself permission to feel just the way you feel.

And however cliche it might sound to you — learn how to love yourself!

There are powerful and easy to implement tools that you can use.

Download my free THRIVING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES CREATIVE WORKBOOK with 6 powerful practices that will start you on the way and help you rebuild your connection with yourself within days!

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