Psychotherapy That Sets You Free

I want you to know 2 things…


can live a full, rich and meaningful life, no matter what your life story is.

2. Psychotherapy

really works. When you integrate talk therapy with cutting-edge somatic, trauma-informed, mindfulness & art therapy – it is simply life-altering.

This is a special invitation for women who want to grab this one-time opportunity to join Self-Love Incubator Inner Circle for only €55/month!

is an online space I created so that you can get what you’ve always longed for.

To be fully seen.

To be deeply heard.

To be gently held by the supportive and inspiring community of women committed to the same goal.

A place where you can be fully & unapologetically


and… enjoy every moment of it!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You feel emotionally overloaded

either agitated or apathetic, or hijacked for crazy roller-coaster rides by your anxiety, anger or frustration.

You're exhausted with trying hard to be 'everything for everyone',

just to find out that there is never enough time/energy/ money left to take good care of yourself.

Life feels kind of bleak.

You feel like you're going through the motions, stuck in your routines (and your thoughts!) rather than having a sense of direction, passion and zest for life.

You look in the mirror and you don't like what you see.

Maybe you cringe, or sigh or even clench your fists.

You feel like you keep repeating the same old patterns and habits

that have run you into trouble hundreds of times before, yet you feel unable to break free from them.

You've got enough of living like a hamster on the wheel,

getting the same frustrating results every single day, no matter how hard you try to make positive changes.

Well, I’ve been there, too.

Never happy with who I was, what I looked like, what I achieved in life. Always second-guessing myself. Always doubting my choices and decisions. Keeping myself busy not to face the empty pit in my heart.
And this nagging question:
‘what on earth is wrong with me?’
that kept me awake so many nights…

I knew there had to be a better way... and I've found it!

It took me over 20 years of my own self-development work and over a decade of supporting other women as a counselor and coach, but here it is!
Ready for you to implement into your own life today so that you can make a true breakthrough and …

Rise and Shine!

What's waiting for you in the inner circle community:

Everything you need to STOP:

​12 one-on-one coaching/therapy sessions – including relaxation/ mindfulness/ breathwork/guided meditation practice.
Free access to selected online courses/ workshops/ workbooks and materials on Self-Care Revolution Platform
depleting yourself with taking care of everything and everyone around (and completely neglecting yourself)
feeling stuck in the hurt, resentments or regrets about the past or anxiety about the future
being overwhelmed or overpowered by your own emotions

And instead, build a solid and long-lasting foundation of unshakable self-love and living the life you love and feel proud of!

What’s included in the self-love Incubator Inner Circle

Monthly Live Coaching Circle

Monthly Guest Expert Circle

Monthly Breathing Circle

Access to ever growing Library of Meditations, Relaxations and Breath Practices

Access to ever growing Library of trainings and masterclasses on all things self-love

Exclusive Private Fb Group for accountability/support and building amazing friendships

Our Community Values


unconditional respect
for others and for myself


stay honest
even when it’s hard


value connection &
respect boundaries


add value
share gifts, knowledge and skills
be open to give, be open to receive


commitment dedication and practice
to learn and embody new skills and ways of being


joy & inspiration
staying connected to the sense of purpose

Live Circles with Kasia Kolek & Guest Experts

Library of Mediatations, Relaxations & Breath Practices

Library of video Trainings and Masterclasses

Vibrant community of women in exclusive private Fb group

Say 'Yes' to yourself now and just imagine what it will feel like to

  • Wake up in the morning feeling ALL IS OK (even on bad days:)
  • Be in charge of your emotions – well able to navigate with ease even through most uncomfortable feelings
  • Go through life without the critical commentary in your head on full volume or chatter of thoughts keeping you awake at night
  • ​Feel confident and at ease with setting healthy boundaries in your relationships with others without feeling guilty
  • Feel strong, resilient and ready to stand up for yourself and cope with the challenges of life
  • ​Look in the mirror and feel love and tenderness for your amazing body (just the way it is!)
  • ​Deeply know that making mistakes and being imperfect is a normal part of life – and so, not being bothered if things do not work out exactly as you expected.
  • ​​Feel ALIVE, full of energy and zest for life, excited about what life has in stock for you

It is possible for you!

All you need is an experienced and compassionate guide, who will show you the exact steps to follow and a circle of women who will support you on this journey NO MATTER WHAT.

Let's do it together!

A vibrant community of women, where you will
Fall Back in Love With


and create rock-solid confidence and thriving relationships!

Why I Created the

I grew up in Poland. My grandparents were World War II survivors and my parents survived the communist occupation after the war.

When I was small, life was governed by one word only – survival.

I didn’t even know words like ‘self-care’ or ‘self-love’ existed when I was a child. So, when I grew up I made my own life about survival, too.

For years I suffered with severe anxiety and I created (totally unintentionally) plenty of emotional drama, health drama, relationship drama, financial drama … all kinds of drama you can think of.

This cycle of drama and trauma continued for a long time until I was completely burnt out and physically sick.

I was desperate. I knew I couldn’t go on like that much longer. Managing all the intense emotions that were ruining my life and my relationships was beyond me. I had to do something. It was a matter of life or death. Literally.

I spent years in the classrooms and lecture halls. I attended courses, workshops and trainings. I worked hard with the amazing therapists and coaches I met on my way. But yet something was still missing

Then, one day during a session with my breathwork coach as I was laying on my mat doing connected breathing exercises, she reached down, gently placed her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear…

‘You are the most important person in your life’

That sentence was surprisingly simple, yet powerful beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I AM the most important person in my life!

I am no longer that little girl on a cold snowy day whose own needs fall second to everything else. I deserve to be happy and taken care of. And I am the only person who can do that for me. I am the most important person in my life.

To do this I needed SELF-LOVE. To learn how to accept, appreciate and love myself. To put myself first.

And the moment I fell back in love with who I truly was, with all my perfect imperfections, all other things started to fall back in place without much effort on my part: my physical health, my energy levels, my relationships, my career, my sense of purpose and meaning and my zest for life.

Self-love changes everything. The way you relate to yourself, the way you interact with people you love (and those you’re not so fond of) and the way you live your life.

It is the most beautiful and rewarding journey a person can take. And it is my dream and my passion to help as many women as possible to take this journey for themselves, too!

Because all you have ever wanted from life starts with self-love. Always.

Now it's your turn to do the same for YOU.

Join us now!



I came to Kasia in high heels and full make up. I couldn’t imagine showing my natural face to the world or dressing up without thinking how others will judge me. I felt exhausted, suffered from severe anxiety and was constantly pushing myself to work harder and achieve more.
I’m leaving this programme barefoot, no make up, my hair down…
For the first time in my life I choose to be me. And I’m loving it!


Once you join us…

What results can you expect?


You will rediscover (or maybe discover for the first time) your true self-confidence, your shining uniqueness and the gifts and talents you bring to the world. No more desperate attempts to ‘fit in’, to fulfil the expectations of others and to chase goals that are not even your own. You will give yourself permission to be unapologetically and authentically YOU!


You will learn how to set heathy boundaries and say “NO” without feeling guilty about it. Communicating clearly with others, with respect and kindness and without hiding, pretending or playing small is a necessary part of taking good care of ourselves. You will learn how to deeply care for others without neglecting your own needs and boundaries and how to give without depleting yourself.


You will learn how to manage your emotions, even the most challenging ones (!), so that they do not disempower or overwhelm you.
Once you know how to be comfortable even with most uncomfortable emotions, you will feel much more at home with yourself, more confident and more in charge of your life! And this is a huge step towards peace of mind, easiness, energy and zest for life!


You will let go of the things from the past that are weighing you down. We all carry lots of trauma, unresolved issues, emotional baggage that can impact very negatively on our health, wellbeing, energy levels and enthusiasm about our life! I will show you simple ways in which you can let go, make peace with, forgive and accept the past as it was, and thus free yourself to be free and happy in here and now!

The results I want you to see in the next few months

  • No more emotional roller-coasters or overwhelm! You stay in charge of your emotions, even the most challenging ones. In fact, you deeply appreciate each of them, because you understand how important they are for you to navigate your life with ease- and learnt how to read them!
  • No more playing small! You feel confident, empowered and resilient! Even in the middle of a crisis or a rough patch. You have found your authentic voice and you’re ready to start using it.
  • No more putting yourself last! You know how to set healthy boundaries and how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. Now you can take good and loving care of yourself while still attending to the needs of people you love, but as much as feels right to you.
  • No more behaving like your own worst critic! You are back in love with your BODY, MIND, HEART AND SPIRIT! Now, at last, you can allow yourself to be fully, unapologetically YOU and enjoy every moment of it!
  • ​and… the future feels wide open!

Fall in Love with Yourself and create life and relationships you love and feel proud of!

Yes! I'm in!


‘I love the Incubator Inner Circle. It’s a wealth of resources and support. I love in particular the section with Kasia’s library of meditations and I pick an appropriate one for my particular need at the time. Live calls, breathing circles, special guests…and recordings of anything you might miss. It’s a treasure trove tbh and a real gift for me. The Facebook group has beautiful, kind women there who always have an encouraging word. There is no pressure btw to part take in group, just be yourself where you’re at…but honestly, it’s so lovely when people share their hearts.’

Aga L.

I had been following Kasia for a few years on Facebook and in November I decided to join her inner circle. I love being a part of this group. I love the way Kasia and the other members support each other. The FB group feels like a safe place to share your feelings. No matter what you are going through there is always someone there that is willing to listen to you and to support you. Sometimes that is all you need in the moment.
I love the chats, and the meditations too. It’s food for thought and you learn something new about a topic or maybe about yourself.’


‘This group has made me focus on myself for once…and I still fall off the wagon.. even a simple practice daily of 5 Tibetan rites…very powerful when I do it.It helps me see how powerful I am, how willing I am to do the healing work and to catch myself when the inner critic is at work. Kasia is a wonderful leader…I feel privileged to work with her.’

Aoife L.

Frequently asked questions

Is Self-Love Incubator for me? Why should I join?

If you are a woman ready to start practicing GENTLE but RADICAL SELF-LOVE, build rock-solid confidence and thriving relationships – you are in the right place!

Just take a moment to connect to your heart.
Is it calling for more kindness and compassion towards yourself? For putting yourself up the list of your priorities? For accepting yourself with all your perfect ‘imperfections’? For getting really clear on who you want to become and how you want to live your life? For standing in your power, for being authentic, for expressing yourself fully?
Is it longing for deep and meaningful connections with other women?
For inspiration, nourishment, accountability?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions Self -Love Incubator is definitely for you!

This is a space where you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded and like-feeling women. We are all about respect and kindness, supporting and inspiring one another and taking action to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. Just to reassure you, we will not allow insulting, demeaning or bullying behaviours, spreading hate or prejudice or breaking the confidentiality rules of the community.

Together we hold this space welcoming, non-judgmental and safe.

Is it going to work for me? Can you guarantee results?

The Self-Love Incubator gives you all you might need – 1. tools, techniques, practices, 2 support, inspiration, accountability 3. safe and nurturing community – to make a true breakthrough in your relationship with yourself and with others.
But it is up to you to say “YES” to yourself!
We have seen that the results our members get depend on how they engage with all the materials that the Incubator has to offer, to what extent they participate in Live Circles and Fb group etc.
So, although no one can ever guarantee results, we can assure you that if you give a bit of the time, commitment and dedication to yourself and our community, things will start to change for the better very soon!

How much time do I need on a weekly basis to engage in The Incubator to get results?

This depends on you!
And, of course, on how busy you are in your life right now, what are your habits and routines, whether you prefer to be on calls live or watch replays, how much time you want to spend on social media etc.
The amount of time you give to The Incubator is also likely to change from month to month. And this is exactly what is so brilliant about a membership site! You can work through all the materials in your own time and at your own pace. You can come for the calls live or watch the replays. You can get really involved one month and then take it easy next month.
There is no hurry, no one is ever ‘getting behind’, and there is nothing you need to prove. Our journey home- back to ourselves does not like deadlines.
However, if you are not showing up at all… we will keep gently reminding you that we miss you!

Will I get one-on-one access to Kasia?

You will get access to group live calls facilitated by Kasia (Monthly Live Circle and Monthly Breathing Circle). Kasia is also regularly present in the exclusive Fb group so you can get her feedback and support there. Having said that, this is not a space for working 1:1 with Kasia and she will not be able to provide 1:1 support via emails/Fb messenger/ text messages/ 1:1 calls etc.
If you want to work 1:1 with Kasia – as a member of The Incubator, you will get 15% discount on 1:1 Empower Hour and 1:1 coaching packages with Kasia

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course, there is! If during the first 14 days after you’ve been accepted, you decide there’s nothing valuable about your Self-Love Incubator membership, you can cancel it (with written notice in the form of an email sent to and get your membership fee refunded. We don’t want your money if you don’t want to stay with us!

Am I able to cancel my membership at any time?

The minimal commitment for The Self-Love Incubator Membership is 6 months. From my experience I know that this is the amount of time you need to -firstly, settle into the community and start feeling at home here, secondly- truly get to know the essence and the core of the work that we are doing together and finally see and feel how this works brings very tangible and very practical results in how you feel about yourself, others, and the world in general. The journey to self-love is not a sprint- it’s more like a marathon.
After 6 months – you are free to leave any time. One email to and we will cancel your membership and your payments.

I still have questions, where can I get in touch with you?

Just send me an email on I’d be delighted to answer all of your questions!






Per Month
  • Monthly Live Coaching Circle
  • Monthly Guest Expert Circle
  • Monthly Breathing Circle
  • Access to Library of Meditations, Relaxations and Breath Practices
  • Access to Library of trainings and masterclasses on all things self-love
  • Exclusive Private Fb Group for accountability/support and building amazing friendships
  • *6 months minimum commitment
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Bi-annualAdded value


Per 6 month
  • Monthly Live Coaching Circle
  • Monthly Guest Expert Circle
  • Monthly Breathing Circle
  • Access to Library of Meditations, Relaxations and Breath Practices
  • Access to Library of trainings and masterclasses on all things self-love
  • Exclusive Private Fb Group for accountability/support and building amazing friendships
  • 1 month FREE over the monthly plan
  • 50% discount for 1:1 Empower Hour with Kasia Kolek (value 90Euro)
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AnnualBest Value+ Bonus


Per Year
  • Monthly Live Coaching Circle
  • Monthly Guest Expert Circle
  • Monthly Breathing Circle
  • Access to Library of Meditations, Relaxations and Breath Practices
  • Access to Library of trainings and masterclasses on all things self-love
  • Exclusive Private Fb Group for accountability/support and building amazing friendships
  • 2 months FREE over the monthly plan
  • FREE 1:1 Breakthrough Session with Kasia Kolek (value 175Euro)
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Still on the fence?
Let's talk!

Book a free call and let me answer all of your questions!

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Kasia Kolek

Msc, MA, PGD
Women's Holistic Counsellor and Coach
Self- Love Ignitress

Kasia is a women’s holistic coach & counsellor, lover of all things hand-made, mama of 2 adults & a teenager and a true believer in the transformative power of self-love.

She helps sensitive, warm-hearted and empathetic women in their 40s and 50s to build their emotional strength, self-confidence and authenticity so that they can fall back in love with themselves and create life and relationships they love and feel proud of!

The results I want you to see when you work with me:
  • No more emotional overwhelm! You stay in charge of your emotions, even the most challenging ones.
  • No more playing small! You feel confident, empowered and resilient! Even in the middle of a crisis or a rough patch.
  • ​No more putting yourself last! You know how to set boundaries (without feeling guilty) so that you can take gentle and loving care of yourself first.
  • No more being your own worst critic! You are back in love with your BODY, MIND, HEART AND SPIRIT!
  • ​and… the future feels wide open!


I am not a doctor or medical professional. Seek professional help if needed. I am teaching a system that I know has worked for many women. But success is dependent upon many factors outside of my control, and for that reason, I cannot make any guarantees towards your personal success. No one can guarantee your success because it mainly depends on your personal engagement with the course. The more you put in, the more results you will see.

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