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Hello, Welcome to my blog.

Here you can find my blog posts and articles about Childhood Trauma Recovery, Emotional Resilience and Healthy RelationshipsClick one of the sections below to start browsing…

Let me show you how to build true and authentic Self-Care & Self-Love! Still trying to take care of everything and everyone else first, and leave yourself at the bottom of your priority list? Time to start treating yourself with all the respect, compassion and love you truly deserve.

Trauma Recovery

Learn how to build your Emotional Resilience! Feeling at mercy of your own emotions? Learn how to build up your emotional strength and resilience and feel at peace and ease with all of your feelings, even the most challenging ones!

Emotional Resilience

All you need to know about Healthy relationships! Do you feel like you’re giving, giving and giving and not getting much in return? Or maybe you find it hard to say ‘no’? Let me show you how to stop playing small, reclaim your power and restore the balance!

Healthy Relationships